5 Lessons to Learn from John Cena

Nick      Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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When I was a kid I watched professional wrestling and followed it along as best as I could, but as I got older, I got bored with it in my 20s and moved on to other things.

Around 2010, I starting getting back into it and found that I could follow it online without having to spend all the time watching every show and for the shows that I did want to watch, I could get them the next day on Hulu.

By this time though, most, if not all of the wrestlers that I knew were gone or had become part time because they had gotten older. So I had to set about learning about all the new faces there, both the good and the bad.

There was one face in particular that was somewhat annoying to me as he had a squeaky clean reputation, cheesy tag lines and he almost always won. He was the definition of someone that you hated because he was too good. It was a little weird actually. Even the crowds got on him, but he still stayed a good guy and preached though those cheesy taglines.

What I came to find out over time though, is that he didn’t just preach them and play the character who believed them. He lived them personally. He really believed them. His name is John Cena.

He had two taglines really, but I’m including a third unnamed one here as well that he personifies as well and really ties the whole thing together.

His first tagline is “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”.

Think about this a little bit. That really is the definition of a successful person, isn’t it?

Hustle - getting down in the trenches and doing the work, working your butt off when those around you go off to do other stuff rather than what will get them ahead. Doing the work you know needs to be done in order to really succeed and thrive in whatever you do.

Loyalty - This is sticking with things and people, even when times get tough. Life isn’t always going to be easy and neither are people. Now while I’m not saying to stick with someone who is obviously bad news, I am saying that those who are good in your life and have earned it deserve the effort put in that every relationship needs, whether it’s personal or business.

Respect - I may not always like John Cena, but I do respect him and the way he does things. He works his butt off to make sure he puts on a good show in the ring no matter who he is in there with and he constantly works to increase his arsenal beyond his normal move set. He is always striving to be better. Add to that all the charity work that he has done and all the wishes he has granted for Make-a-Wish (over 500 the largest number by any individual ever) and you have a truly good person and something that more of us need to really strive to be rather than then being jealous for his success. He’s earned it.

The unnamed tagline is “Consistency”.

One of the reasons that Cena gets chants of John Cena sucks in time to his music is that he is essentially unchanged for the past 10 years and has been at the top of the industry that entire time. This is the case because he has his stated values and has never wavered from them. He has worked hard this entire past decade and done it every day, even through injury a lot of times.

The last tagline is “Never Give Up”.

John Cena has been in a number of different types of matches, but one thing he has never done is “tap out” or basically say I give up, i quit. Now obviously there is some scripting in wrestling, but this just reflects the true person that he is. It’s not easy doing this every day and working your butt off in the gym, traveling 300 days a year or more and working injured for usually at least part of that. One prime example of this happened about a month ago when during one of the weekly main event matches, he had his nose legitimately broken (on accident of course) by his opponent. Most people would have stopped there. It was a somewhat gruesome sight. But he finished the match, knowing that people had paid to see him wrestle and there were kids counting on him to win.

Now whether you are a wrestling fan or not, there is obviously a lot to John Cena and he is a person that can be respected, both in and out of the ring.

He has a hard code to live up to and live by, and honestly, pages could be written about each aspect of that code which I might do some day.

The long and the short of it is though that this is one person, both professionally and in life in general that we could all learn a few lessons from.

So, my closing question to you is, how can you personify these taglines? What could you put more hustle into? How can you build loyalty with others? What could you do to be more respected? What do you need to be more consistent about? What is that dream or goal that you should never give up on?

What action are you going to take right now to make it all happen?

Put an answer in the comments below or feel free to just leave your favorite wrestler if you’re into it.


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